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Annemarie Farley ARPS FBIPP graduated from Blackpool and the Fylde college in 1997 with a BA (Hons) degree in Photography. She became a medical photographer after leaving college. Eventually she found her passion in art and flowers.


She happily admits she has an ‘obsession’ for old Russian lenses because of the Bokeh they produce and she owns every Lensbaby from the ever expanding company as the soft focus they offer creates mood and atmosphere. She has an active Facebook group called 'Modified Camera Lenses' and would love anyone that takes lenses apart or makes lenses to join here:


She has also recently expended her knowledge by experimenting with Cyanotypes on glass and is now offering these 'one off' pieces of art for sale.


Annemarie has won multiple awards over the years including category winner, finalist, and highly commended in International Garden Photographer of the Year. She has also been a finalist in the AOP Open and a Gold, Silver and Bronze award winner at the BIPP national and regional awards. Her work has been featured in publications including The Photographer, Black and White Photography magazine, Digital Camera magazine and The International Garden Photographer of the Year books. She is currently writing a book on floral photography for beginners and hopes this will be published early in 2025.

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